March 02, 2021

Facebook Furniture Ads Earn $1,500 Per Day [Copy Ad Settings]

Huge profits hidden behind furniture ad? Have you seen a video where Facebook puts furniture ads to achieve a daily income of $1,500? How did they do it? In fact, there are three points to pay attention to when setting up advertising: advertising creativity, advertising audience, and advertising costs. Copy the advertisement setting method in the article, and your advertisement can also earn $1,500 per day.
February 05, 2021

Golf Ad Ideas & Facebook Advertising Guidance

I think you know that golf has great potential. It teaches players important lessons about building character while maintaining composure which can easily translate to real life. So you start to spend thousands of dollars to make professional and exquisite advertisements, but maybe the advertisement ideas you create with your hard work cannot attract people’s emotions . In order to make your golf ads worth your time and money, ads must be created and distributed correctly. This article will give you some advice and guidance on golf advertising.
January 29, 2021

AdSwiper VS AdLibrary Helper:Ad spy extension new inheritor—AdLibrary Helper

AdSwiper was forced to close in March 2020, and we regret that we have lost such an excellent advertising spy tool. In any case, we have produced a new and better advertising spy tool-Adlibrary Helper
January 29, 2021

Turbo Ad Finder VS AdLibrary Helper: Which One Is The Best Ad Spy Extension?

Now, why would you want to spy on your competitors’ ads, mainly because it’s going to help you identify what their hook is, what their best performing headlines are, and it’ll give you that funnel entrance. It allow you to get into their funnel and you can start to see in one place their front end cold traffic offers. You’ll also be able to find their retargeting offers and the offers that they show later inside of their funnel. These are the best advertising opportunities for you. In order to better spy on competitors’ ads, we need to choose the most appropriate tool. There are two powerful ad spy extensions, Turbo Ad Finder and AdLibrary Helper. They are the most popular ad spy extensions, which one is better? Currently Turbo Ad Finder is temporarily unavailable due to technical upgrades. Can AdLibrary Helper replace Turbo Ad Finder to successfully spy on our competitors’ ads? We compare in following ways.
January 29, 2021

Why track Facebook ads of your competitors with FB Library?

We are now able to see all advertisers’ ads, giving us the ability to see the creation of our competition. Finding out what ads our competition is serving up will only be a click away by visiting their Page.
January 29, 2021

A Free AdSpy tool for Facebook Ads Library.

When you want to see a better ad on Facebook, you do n’t know where to find it. Of course, you can go to Facebook to check related data, but this process is not convenient at all, and you can’t track the advertisment you interset.At this time, you need a powerful tool to help you target Facebook ads faster.AdLibrary gives you even more insight into targeted ads your competitors are running, giving digital marketers a powerful new resource for gaining a competitive edge.
January 29, 2021

Facebook Ad Checker | FB 20% Rule, Low Cost, More Audience!

There has always been a potential principle in Facebook advertising, that is, the 8-2 rule, or the 20% rule.
January 29, 2021

Ad Tracking | You Are Being Spied!

Whether it’s as big as a few top advertisers or as small as a startup company just set up, anyone who puts in an ad will definitely look forward to the effectiveness of the ad. However, after the advertisement was put out, a lot of money was spilled out. How often the benefits are not well known, so ad tracking has become an excellent way to review the effectiveness of advertising. Effective ad tracking can precisely target the audience, increase user traffic, and bring in a lot of money. In order to solve your doubts about ad tracking, today I will summarize the ad tracking methods.
January 29, 2021

Ad Copy | How To Write Excellent Copywriting In Three Steps

There are many factors influencing the views of an ad. The proportion of ad copy is very large. We can always see some excellent copy that attracts a large number of user groups, such as the iPhone 6s slogan: The only thing that’s changed is everything. You will have a refreshing feeling, so how can you make the same excellent advertising copy?
January 29, 2021

Use AdLibrary Helper to accumulate more competitive advantages!

Thanks to the “Info and Ads” tab (previously) and the [new] Facebook Ad Library, you can easily find the Facebook ads being run by a competitor to gain better insight on how they’re marketing to their target audience and get inspiration from brands you admire. Take a look at the ads of the content machine for some creative inspiration.