Marketing skills | 5 Best social media quotes you should konw

Social media quotes often contain a lot of marketing skills, but these skills need to be seriously considered. I am very glad to share some of my favorite social media quotes here, and lead you to explore the mysteries.

1、The importance of social media marketing

“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”  Bryan Weiner, CEO, Comscore

“Social media isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it offers marketers unparalleled opportunity to participate in relevant ways. It also provides a launch-pad for other marketing tactics. Social media is not an island. It’s a high-power engine on the larger marketing ship.” — Matt Dickman, Vice President and head of digital communications, Comcast Corporation

Both ‘Bryan Weiner’ and ‘Matt Dickman’ are emphasizing the importance of social media marketing. Social media marketing realizes the direct interaction between products and customers. On the one hand, it saves the user’s cost, and on the other hand, it allows the brand to have a wider channel. Social media is a springboard, and excellent social media solutions can create endless traffic and wealth.

2、Social media success formula

“Social media success formula: Content + Engagement + Conversion. Rinse. Repeat.”  Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert, social media influencer, speaker, and author


Social media content is important to attract traffic, and maintaining excellent content output is a key factor in the continued introduction of traffic. So, how does a good social media account output content? Taking TikTok as an example, we use AdLibrary Helper to search for advertising data for analysis.

We all know that TikTok has its version in various countries. Although countries such as India currently have a ban on TikTok, it does not affect TikTok’s popularity. We can view the TikTok social media accounts in various countries. Here we take the content of the US TikTok account as an example.

It can be clearly seen that the content of TikTok is updated very quickly, with an average of more than a dozen messages updated within a day. In addition, the content is all in the form of text and video. In this way, TikTok’s video content can be disseminated. Careful observation can see that each copy has emoji. This is a very intimate behavior. The use of emoji can shorten the distance with the user as quickly as possible. TikTok’s copywriting is also from the user’s perspective, combined with product advantages, to give users a comfortable feeling. TikTok is an entertainment video tool for relaxation, it can drive away the tiredness of the day for the user, so the setting of this copy is to provide the user with a relaxed get off work life.

After seeing a lot of advertising copy, excellent cases have roughly the following 6 factors:

  • From the perspective of users, combine product functions to solve user problems
  • Insert relevant video below copy
  • Content is updated frequently
  • Add emoji
  • Respond to fans
  • Occasionally engage in sweepstakes


Engagement is the result of interaction with the user. It can directly express the effectiveness of the content. Good content that the user likes will win more participation. So what kind of engagement is a successful engagement?

Pets AdLibrary Helper

We searched for pets to check the status of two social media accounts. The former is called ‘Pet Supplies Plus’ and the latter is called ‘Extend Pets Canada’.

‘Pet Supplies Plus’ has 227,783 likes and 558 advertisements. The data is huge. It takes a lot of users to collect so many likes, and the content meets the needs of users. This is a very successful engagement.

Compared with ‘Pet SuppliesPlus’, ‘Extend Pets Canada’ has only 3,650 likes and 6 advertisements, the participation is obviously low. This is related to the amount of content and the practicality of the content. Only can solve users’ problems can win users’ likes.


Using social media marketing, whether it’s selling products or increasing website traffic, we must pay attention to conversions. The content is updated frequently, but the user conversion is low, we must consider replacing the new content. The way to check the conversion rate is generally to add a tracking link through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

When we conduct content marketing, we will put the URL of the product into the content, so that users can click the URL to buy or browse the product. At this time, we can put ‘?utm_source=xxx&utm_medium=xxx’ at the end of the URL. By writing the relevant tracking code in the page, we can view the user’s access. This is a very common method of monitoring user behavior. The following is the traffic situation of a website. We can see the source of its traffic. It also shows the country and behavior of users who come to the website. 

Google Analytics

3、Psychology and sociology are the secrets of social marketing

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” — Brian Solis, digital analyst, author, keynote speaker

Sociology and psychology often bring people a magical feeling. The reason for this is psychology and sociology are mostly conclusions obtained through the analysis of big data. Such conclusions are universal. Use psychological skills in the marketing process can quickly attract the user’s attention.

Depict Products to Encourage Mental Interaction

When businesses create product images, they often depict the product without much thought. Starting now, always depict your product so that you achieve an underlying goal: to encourage mental interaction.

Here’s an example. Elder and Krishna (2012) showed participants an ad for a coffee mug. Turns out, participants were more likely to purchase the mug when the handle was facing the right (toward the dominant hand of most people).

Don’t have a handle? No worries. The researchers conducted other experiments and found support for other types of simulations. Here are some ideas:

  • Place an instrument or utensil on the right
  • Remove your product from its packaging

Use Assertive Language for Hedonic Products

When people feel happy, they talk more assertively (and expect people to speak more assertively). And those expectations are the key.

Because consumers will expect assertiveness, your assertive language will increase processing fluency. They’ll be able to process your ad more easily — which will produce a pleasant sensation. That pleasant sensation will then be misattributed to your product (Alter & Oppenheimer, 2009).

Place Print Ads on Left Pages

In this pricing tactic, I explain why you should position prices toward the bottom left. That suggestion involves our conceptualization of number spectrums:

  • We associate small numbers belonging on the left and bottom.
  • We associate large numbers belonging on the right and top.

If you position a price on the bottom left, you’ll trigger people’s association with a small magnitude. The price will actually seem lower.

Cai, Shen, Hui (2012) examined that effect with product images. In their study, they showed participants two lamps on a screen. The result? Participants estimated a higher price for lamps that were presented on the right.

4、Taboo of social marketing

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” — Don Schultz, marketing pioneer

Social media is a platform for users to socialize, but it is flooded with more and more advertisements. At present, more and more users are disgusted by this, so Boycott Facebook is very hot. So when we do social marketing, we must pay attention to not generate a large number of advertisements. Our products are for users. If users are bored with advertisements, then our marketing fails. We should return to the fundamentals of marketing: for the purpose of solving user problems, as long as our products are really helpful to users, then one day users will not be able to leave our products, just like TikTok and Twitter.


Social media marketing has become an indispensable marketing method at present, but the attention points and methods are what we need to constantly learn. Grasp the key points of successful social media quotes, and often check those successful cases, one day we can also succeed.