Roas Calculator | How To Calculate Roas?

What is Roas? What is Roas calculator? How to calculate Roas? What is a good Roas? How to improve Roas? The Roas calculator helps you quickly gain revenue from advertising.

Roas Formula – What is Roas?

The full name of Roas is Return on ad spend, which refers to how much revenue each dollar can bring.

Return on ad spend is a calculation that measures the cost-effectiveness of advertising efforts. It can help businesses and other entities figure out if their advertising strategy is worth it or not. Roas is affected by Revenue From Ads and Returned amount, its calculation formula as follows:

How to calculate Roas?

For example, advertising spends $1,000 and brings $5,000 in revenue, then roas=5000/1000=5, which means that spending $1 on Facebook can bring $5 in revenue.

What is a Roas calculator?

Roas Calculator is an advertising tool that can provide you with immediate results of Roas without doing mathematical operations on paper.

The cost-per-click calculator can save your campaign time and effort, and you can use the saved time in another high-priority area of ​​your strategy. Google Expanded Roas Calculator can provide instant, accurate and free cost-per-click results. You can use our online cost-per-click calculator at will.

How to use Roas calculator?

1. Go to the Google expansion store to install ROI & Roas Calculator

2. Click the installed ROI & Roas Calculator

3. Enter any two of Revenue/Returned amount/Roas

4. Click calculate to query the third data

5. Click the reset button after querying

Benefits of using a Roas calculator

✔ No need to memorize the Roas formula, enter the data and get the result

✔ Judge advertising revenue or loss by changing different numbers

✔ Calculator chrome extension can be opened at any time on any page

What is good Roas?

  • Generally speaking, the Roas of the product is reasonable between 2-4 (of course, it must be calculated according to the unit price of the product);
  • Roas>5 is a very good Roas, you will earn a lot of revenue in this campaign;
  • Roas<2, Roas needs to be improved, the campaign is losing money, and you need to readjust.

In general, the higher the Roas, the more money will be made, so how to improve the Roas?

How to improve Roas?

Principle: As long as there is no loss, slowly increase the budget until the Roas drops.

Advertising expenditure (budget expenditure) is fixed, Roas=total revenue/amount x 100%, then total revenue must be increased. The influencing factors of total revenue include product selection, material selection, audience selection, and location selection.

Often the brand or company releases the product, the product is established, and the layout is easy to measure, or it is just an automatic layout. The main focus is on the audience and the material.

When our material copy is highly viral (shared, liked, commented by others), we will naturally gain more audiences, with higher advertising quality related scores and better results.

So the final decision is the material and creativity. In addition to their own knowledge, they must also include the understanding and demand awareness of the target market and customers.

So the problem we need to deal with is to get the right audience target. For getting the target audience, you can refer to this article: Best data driven marketing analysis [With Examples]


Roas can quickly understand the profit and loss of advertising. We should always pay attention to Roas when advertising, increase or decrease the advertising budget in time, and use the Roas calculator to adjust the advertising campaign reasonably.