15 Extraordinary Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples And Where To Find Them

Real estate is the most common intermediary in life. What are the characteristics of the advertisements they publish? What kind of advertising can really catch the user’s attention at once? To sum up roughly, excellent real estate advertising probably has the following 15 characteristics:

  • Keep details transparent in the ad copy
  • Use emoji
  • Use informal language
  • Exclude curiosity by excluding address and price from copywriting
  • Use video
  • Use carousel pictures to show multiple scenes
  • Use recommendations and comments to enhance trust
  • Seize the customer’s pain points
  • Use some psychological skills
  • Clear and compelling CTA
  • Create excellent landing pages to improve conversion
  • Talk about exciting landmarks nearby
  • Add more links to the copy, put the target link above the copy to attract clicks
  • Understand how the description terms affect sales time and prices
  • Provide contact information briefly
  • Use Drone Screen/Virtual Tour

Faced with the 15 special summaries mentioned above, is there a kind of daze? Next, let me tell you where you can find more information about real estate competitors, and one-to-one correspondence with 15 characteristics for you to analyze excellent cases of real estate advertising in detail, let’s take a look.

Sources of competitor ads examples

Real estate advertisements are everywhere, but the information is often messy. How can we find the series of advertisements of competitor advertisers in a more standardized and unified way? You only need a tool to help you directly understand the competitor’s advertising situation.

Adlibrary Helper – An ad spy plugin that can be directly queried based on keywords

Enter ‘real estate’ in the search box, we can see a large number of pages appear, here we can find advertiser information related to real estate. We can also see real estate services, real estate companies or consulting agencies.

Click the ‘Florida Real Estate Market’, we can see a lot of real estate advertising information displayed in front of us, we can click on one of them to enter the details page, where we can see the copy of the advertisement and the traffic situation, they will be of great help to you .

Of course, this tool also has the function of comparison and collection. We can collect the advertisements we like, and you can directly enter it when you need to open it next time, which is very convenient. After the collection of advertisements, we can also compare the data according to the growth of time, such as the comparison of the browsing data of the advertisements collected last week and the data of this week, or the comparison of monthly data, quarterly data, and so on.

Case analysis of 15 features

Keep details transparent in the ad copy

The ad copy is a window for users. This is a direct channel for communication between ads and users. We must fully describe the information of the houses. The transparency of the data information can be enough to show the intermediary’s sense of responsibility, so that users can buy our houses with confidence. .

Use emoji 🏡

The use of emoji can quickly pull the distance between the intermediary and the user. Multiple sets of data show that emoji often bring people a state of relaxation, which for us will ease the sense of conflict with the user .

Real estate advertisements often use the 🏡 logo, which can give people a very close feeling. For example, this advertisement of Florida Real Estate Market uses a lot of 🏡 and 🌧️ expressions, it can be used as both a dividing line or a decoration and improve user clickthrough rate.

Use informal language

The use of informal language has the same effect as the use of emoji, both of them can increase the user’s interest in reading, thereby increasing the click-through rate of ads. Too formal language use will cause our users too nervous and constrained. Compared with formal languages, informal languages ​​like talking with friends can make users more comfortable.

This Florida Real Estate Market advertisement also uses 5 small phrases rather than long text descriptions. This concise words make users very clear know about the situation of the house.

Exclude curiosity by excluding address and price from copywriting

Address and price are issues that many customers care about. Many intermediaries use this as a bright spot to attract customers to visit. Due to the large number of address + price ad campaigns currently appearing in intermediary advertisements, this makes customers buying a house a very boring thing. Perhaps another way of excluding the address and price from the copy, put all the energy on the careful selection of copy and pictures, and use the charm of the house to really please the customers, the customers can love our house.

Of course, this method also needs to be divided into situations. Advertising without address and price is more suitable for those high-end houses. The elegant and comfortable environment is for those rich people. They do not pay attention to money, but more comfort. Compared with the more general or poorer housing, the customers are mainly ordinary people with ordinary income, and they pay more attention to the choice of price and geographical location. Therefore, this method requires us to analyze according to the actual situation.

Fall Real Estate’s houses never write prices, this setting makes their houses very mysterious, and customers have not decreased, but more and more.

Use video

As an emerging communication medium, video has the characteristics of high efficiency and intuitiveness. With video ads,customers can see the specific situation of the house very intuitively. The pictures taken by the camera can’t be deceptive. Seeing the house intuitively is like looking at the house on the spot. Like it or not will be known when the video is finished. An excellent house will be even more powerful after the promotion video is filmed. It shows why the price of the house is so high.

Use carousel pictures to show multiple scenes

The carousel picture is an advanced version of the single picture display. The carousel picture can bring the customer a multi-angle description of the house situation, just like the video effect, so that the customer can understand the structure and style of the house more clearly. At present, many web pages also use the carousel method, which also adds special effects to the page, making the page more intimate.

Use recommendations and comments to enhance trust

Recommendations and reviews are like a vane for passers-by. Customers often look at the comments in the comment area before buying a product. If the reviews are all relatively poor reviews, naturally customers will stay away from our products. On the contrary, if we make sharing, likes and comments very good, the traffic will naturally increase very fast. These data will actually give customers a sense of trust and increase the purchase rate.

Seize the customer’s pain points

Customer pain points are actually places where all service industries should pay special attention to, because we are serving customers. We only know what the customer is suffering from, so that we can treat the disease. Seizing the customer pain points is also the most critical part of copywriting.

For real estate advertising, we are mainly aimed at customers who buy a house. We must first understand the characteristics of customers and houses. If the customer is an elderly person, then we recommend a low-rise or a house with an elevator. In turn, when doing low-level advertising We can then add descriptors suitable for the elderly.

Florida Real Estate Market has published an advertisement as shown in the following figure. It starts from interior decoration. Interior decoration is a problem that many people are very concerned about when choosing a house. Starting from the perspective of customers can save a lot of time.

Use some psychological skills

Psychology is often a summary and induction of human thinking. The rational use of psychological skills can produce unexpected results.

For example, we very hope that customers click on our ads, and view our products. Using psychological psychology to suggest that our copy is often written like this: Do not click in… This is actually a kind of suggestive psychology, inadvertently the media inspires the curiosity of the user. When the customers see such words, they will think why they can’t click in, which leads to the psychology that they prefer to click in. The rational application of this psychological technique will greatly increase the conversion rate.

Clear and compelling CTA

The setting of CTA is a kind of Knowledge. It is mainly for psychological guidance. Using reasonable colors and CTA copy will let customers find the content they need quickly.

For example, when we buy a product, the CTA setting of the purchase is often red, and it will be larger than other buttons. Doing this will make the purchase very eye-catching. The end result of customers viewing ads is to buy our house, so we can make the purchase button very obvious, and it will directly increase the conversion rate.

Of course, we can also do some other CTA settings, such as ‘contact us’, once the customers have a demand or they are interested in our products, then they will definitely contact us, this is our opportunity to increase conversion rate. Maybe you can set the CTA button copy ‘Call Me Now’, blue background, and has a jump effect, customers will obviously see it, this will be a very good idea.

Create excellent landing pages to improve conversion

An excellent landing page is our face. If a person looks good, he will be loved by many people. The setting of the landing page is such a reason.

Whether the landing page is good or not depends on two aspects: style layout and SEO optimization.

A beautiful and non-verbose page can accurately provide the content that the user needs, and its settings will follow the customer’s usage rules, and there will be no situation where the customers cannot find the content they need. The rational setting of pictures, videos and copywriting also follows the characteristics of aesthetics, creating the most reasonable landing page.

SEO optimization is a way for customers to visit. As a real estate agent, the blogs or advertisements that they posted on the landing page cannot connect with the customers. This is undoubtedly a very headache. SEO optimization can reduce the loss rate of advertisements, so that each advertisement can find the users who need it, and every customer can find the house that they love.

Talk about exciting landmarks nearby

This would be a very good idea. If the house for sale is near famous attractions, it will undoubtedly be a very beautiful thing. Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. If our house is near these landmarks, it must be described in the copy. This will attract a large number of customers who yearn for freedom and love for life.

Add more links to the copy, put the target link above the copy to attract clicks

Links often give people a desire to click. We put the target connection above the copy, which allows customers to generate the idea of ​​clicking.

For example, in the advertisement of Fall Real Estate, it puts a link in the copy. The customers can click to see which house types are on sale. It is very helpful for the customers to choose the house type. In addition, we can also place links to articles related to houses, which can be some tips or some house strategies. It will help to increase the click-through rate of ads.

Understand how the description terms affect sales time and prices

The description term is a very important part of the copy. How to organize the description term is also a very skillful thing. A reasonable and effective description term can have a large click-through rate in a short time. Of course, the click-through rate is not equivalent to the conversion rate. The rate will also be related to factors such as the price of the house.

Let’s just do a test, collect 5~8 sets of copywriting and house price experiment data, and do a control experiment at the same time, so as to get the results we need, and explore the functional relationship between different description terms for time and price. Find the best value and find the combination with the highest conversion rate. This can be a very challenging job, but it really makes sense.

Provide contact information briefly

The contact information of the advertisement is often relatively short, and its format is often to leave only one Facebook link. This kind of reservation method is enough for users to find you, but you need to write your address and website link in the official Facebook account. Maybe you also have official Instagram and Twitter accounts, but in fact these are all the same as Facebook and they are all social methods. We only need to leave one. Or you can put your own mailbox, which will be a bold idea.

The advertisement written by California Real Estate Market is very concise. It is mainly for people who are buying houses. Advertisers can bring discounts, which are clear and reasonable.

Use Drone Screen/Virtual Tour

Emerging technology forms such as drone screens, virtual browsing, or VR viewing can make buying a house an interesting thing. The use of these technologies makes viewing a house from a distance very simple and easy.

The picture of this advertisement of Fall Real Estate was taken by drone. This picture can fully show the location of the house and at the same time can describe the surrounding environment very clearly. If you use virtual browsing or VR technology, it will take us directly to the place where the house is located, and let us check the situation of the house conveniently. Believe me, this will be the future trend of real estate advertising.


The above content is the analysis of the characteristics of real estate advertising. Many techniques are common in the advertising industry. We only need to enter the keywords in AdLibrary to find the advertising information we need. Learning is endless, we must continue to learn successful cases to make continuous progress.

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