How To Target Facebook Ads Fans Of Competitors’ Page

We often say that the fastest way to grow is to learn from the successful experience of competitors. The way out of others can allow us to avoid unnecessary troubles, and at the same time can eliminate many difficulties and problems. Of course, learning to compete is not about standing with him, but more than surpassing him. Although it sounds a bit immoral, it is indeed the case in society, learning how you wear shoes, and finally putting on your shoes, leaving others with no shoes to wear. So today we take a look at how to get followers of competitors’ Facebook advertising pages.

Learn about competitors’ advertising

First of all, we have to consider why competitors have these fans. The answer is clear. These users have demand for competitors’ ads, they need such products, or they favor such types of ads. So if we want to acquire this group of users, we must learn the content of competitors’ ads, find the highlights of competitors’ ads, and then use them for ourselves. Then what we need to do is to find competitors’ ads. Here we recommend the MyAdLibrary. This tool uses the Facebook ad library API interface and contains the entire contents of the Facebook ad library. So as long as your competitors advertise on Facebook, Then his advertisement can be found here.

Games in AdLibrary Helper

Install the MyAdLibrary extension, enter the keywords we need to query on the home page, here I enter ‘game’, we can see that the query has a lot of results. The query results include the traffic of ads and the number of likes. These are all we need to pay attention to.


Find a suitable page, we click to enter the detailed advertising interface, here we take ‘weight loss’ as an example, click to enter the advertising page. Here we can see popular advertising information. We can also click on specific ads to view details of competitors’ ads. Then we can imitate their ads to create ads that the same users like. If you bookmark the advertiser, after a week, you can see the changes in the advertiser’s ads, so you can judge whether their ads have the possibility of continuous revenue.


View competitors’ advertising audience

When we study the content of competitors’ advertisements, we must also remember to analyze the audience of competitors, because its audience can tell you internally what kind of people you should place your ads in, and in which countries. How to put in order to win the most benefits is reflected in the audience data. The MyAdLibrary also includes a little demos of the audience. If the advertising effect is very good, you will see the country distribution and the male to female ratio.


Of course, if you need to view more audience information, you can query audience keywords in AdTargeting. You only need to enter your keywords, and AdTargeting will tell you the number of audiences, country distribution, male to female ratio, marital status, and so on. If you still want to know the one-click cost of the keyword of interest, you can try ADCostly. Of course these are free.

In this process, you can use some advertising calculator Google extensions, such as CPC calculator, CPM calculator, CPA calculator, ROI calculator, and Roas calculator. These calculators can help you quickly return advertising data. For information about CPC, CPM, CPA, please refer to the following blog.

Improve advertising data generation report analysis

Data report generation is a link that many people will ignore, but in fact, a data report can also give us a lot of information. The most direct point is that the data report contains data information for a month or a quarter. We keep it in archives. After many years, seeing these will also be the company’s growth footprint. In terms of advertising, we can analyze and summarize the quarterly data. The data will always tell us something, but this requires you to summarize and discover yourself.

Why the number of users in the ads decreased in the first quarter, and the sharp increase in the number of page views in the third quarter, everything has a reason, and the reason analyzed from the data is the direction of success. Regarding generating data reports, we recommend using AdsReport, which can directly generate Facebook advertising data into charts, line graphs, and pie charts. It is easier to intuitively understand the data and is free to use.


Learning is always a long process. Learning from competitors and other people’s experiences, we should all be learning in our lives, and constantly try new tools and new ideas in order to have the continuous development of society. I hope this article can help you. I hope your competitors will soon be your losers!