How Much Does it Cost to Launch Facebook T-Shirt Ads?

Do you own a small clothing store? And you are trying to advertise T-shirts on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social platform, and many small shops have already brought huge profits through advertising here. So how much does it cost to advertise a T-shirt on Facebook? There will be a detailed budgeting tutorial in this article.

T-shirt Advertising Cost Benchmark

First of all, before advertising, you need to understand the online advertising cost benchmarks for T-shirts. With the support of some benchmark data, you can control your budget more reasonably and at least reduce the possibility of advertising losses. ADCostly is an online advertising cost benchmark tool, which can query advertisements CPC, CPM and audience of different interests by entering keywords. The following is the advertising cost of interest “T-shirts”:

It can be seen that when searching for “T-shirts”, there are many related words in the query results. Here we use the core word “T-shirts” as the budget research object. The interest in “T-shirts” has an audience of 392.61M on Facebook, with CPM of $14.11 and CPC of $0.59. This is the basic situation of the current advertising costs for T-shirts.

Advertising Cost Calculator For Budget

Before calculating the advertising budget, you need to consider the advertising bidding method you want to place. Here we choose the most common CPC and CPM bidding methods for budget presentation.

① CPC Bidding Method

CPC bidding first needs to consider how many clicks you want to achieve. For example, I want to achieve 1000 clicks, and the budget calculated by the advertising cost calculator is $590. Next, let’s take a look at the cost of 1,000 clicks in different countries.

Country CPC Clicks Cost
United States $1.08 1000 $1080
Philippines $0.1 1000 $100
United Kingdom $0.27 1000 $270
Bangladesh $0.02 1000 $20
Malaysia $0.12 1000 $120

Sort by CPC price in descending order, you can see that the top five countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. If we want to achieve the same click in different countries, the cost will be different because of the difference in CPC. It will spend more in the United States.

② CPM bidding method

CPM bidding mainly achieves brand promotion, and you need to consider how many exposures appear. For example, I want to achieve 10,000 impressions, and the budget calculated using the advertising cost calculator is $141.10. Next, let’s look at the cost of 10,000 impressions in different countries.

Country CPM Impressions Cost
United States $29.62 10000 $296.20
Philippines $6.69 10000 $66.96
United Kingdom $21.32 10000 $213.20
Bangladesh $1.53 10000 $15.30
Malaysia $8.37 10000 $83.70

For the same five countries, the difference in CPM will be greater. The CPM of the United States and the United Kingdom are very high, and the CPM of Bangladesh is very low. If you want to achieve 10,000 impressions, the United States and the United Kingdom need to spend more than $200 on advertising costs, while Bangladesh only needs less than $20. Therefore, which country’s advertisement you want to place has a great influence on your advertising costs. Data for more countries can be queried through ADCostly.


The CPM of the T-shirt advertisement is $14.11, and the CPC is $0.59. If you want to achieve 1,000 clicks, the cost budget is $590; if you want to achieve 10,000 impressions, the cost budget is $141.10. The budget of different countries will be quite different. 

Advertising costs are often related to your industry and the country where you are advertising. Before making a budget, you need to collect reasonable advertising benchmarks in the industry. Therefore, you need to use ADCostly to query benchmark during the budget calculation process, and then use the CPC & CPM calculator for budget calculation.