Facebook Furniture Ads Earn $1,500 Per Day [Copy Ad Settings]

Huge profits hidden behind furniture ad? Have you seen a video where Facebook puts furniture ads to achieve a daily income of $1,500? How did they do it? In fact, there are three points to pay attention to when setting up advertising: advertising creativity, advertising audience, and advertising costs. Copy the advertisement setting method in the article, and your advertisement can also earn $1,500 per day.

1. Furniture ad creativity

Please make sure that you create an advertisement that is enough to surprise others. Advertising creativity is often a key factor in determining the effectiveness of an advertisement. For furniture, users often care about three issues. The first is quality, the second is style, and the third is price. Properly handle these three issues in your advertising content, then you can attract the attention of users and achieve conversions. In view of these three points, using Bigspy to find a better case, may be helpful to you.

The video advertisement designed by Showhome Furniture brought us a wonderful display of furniture effects. The furniture in the video can be transformed into a bed, which is very powerful. And through the video display, we can clearly understand the quality of the furniture, which makes the audience trust it.

I don’t like the style of the furniture. Private custom-made furniture is the best solution. This home furnishing store in Egypt has realized the private customization of furniture, you can design your own color, size and other content. This can ensure that the needs of users are fully met. Of course, this method will waste more energy, but the return of money will be more.

I believe there is nothing more attractive than discounts in advertisements. Discounts will attract users better and will make it easier for them to meet price requirements. A 25% discount might be a good number.

Put the above three creative ideas reasonably and softly, and I believe you will create a very good advertising content.

2. Furniture ad audience

Have you conducted a reasonable analysis for your furniture advertising audience? AdTargeting can provide a reasonable portrait of Facebook’s interests and save unnecessary advertising investment when advertising. The following is the audience situation of furniture users:

AdTargeting shows that there are 614M users who follow furniture on Facebook, and women account for a larger proportion. At the same time, people aged 25 to 44 are the main target audience. Among them, married users accounted for 50%, and college degree users accounted for about 68%. This is a very clear portrait.

Let’s take a look at the main audience countries of furniture ads. According to the information in the figure, the United States is the main audience country for furniture in Facebook ads. India ranks second and the United Kingdom ranks third. More audience data can be viewed using AdTargeting, and there is not much data analysis here.

3. Furniture ad cost

What is the cost of Facebook furniture ads? We analyze from the two perspectives of CPC and CPM.  ADCostly provides us with the average CPC and CPM cost of furniture advertising.

From here we can see that the number of audiences in the furniture is consistent with AdTargeting, but we can clearly see the average CPC and CPM data, which are our main reference data for advertising costs. The average CPC for furniture is $0.6, and the average CPM is $14.02. Referring to the country data on the right, we can see that the average CPC in the United States is $0.75 and the average CPM is $26.76, which is a very high price. India is the second most demanding country with an average CPC of $0.05 and an average CPM of $0.4. Compared to advertising prices in the United States, India is very cheap. This is worth thinking about, because choosing a different country will cost you Very huge difference.

Then we use the CPC calculator to formulate the advertising budget. For example, if I want to achieve 1000 clicks, the average CPC of the furniture is $0.6, and the cost budget calculated using the advertising cost calculator is $600. If you use the CPM bidding method, you need to consider how many impressions there are. For example, if I want to achieve 10,000 impressions, the average CPM of the furniture is $14.02, and the cost budget calculated using the advertising cost calculator is $140.2. Using the calculator can help us quickly formulate the advertising budget, and using the ROI&Roas calculator can return the advertising effect in time.

4. Summary

Control the above-mentioned advertising settings: advertising creativity, advertising audience, advertising costs. Copy the advertisement setting method in the article, and your advertisement can also earn $1,500 per day. Go and give it a try.