Facebook ad preview and spy on competition tutorials[2020 Update]

The release of Facebook ads requires preparation in many aspects, including market research, advertising content preparation, and advertising cost calculations. Advertising market research is to better understand the advertising data of products in the industry. These researches are often the analysis of competitors’ advertising, including content, effects, data changes, and so on. Advertising content preparation is to determine the advertising direction based on the audience’s interests and hobbies after understanding the market conditions, and then formulate the form of advertising (video, animation), and finally determine and modify the copy. The advertising effect must be previewed and modified before delivery. The preview effect of the advertisement will directly affect the delivery effect of the advertisement. Next is a tutorial on previewing Facebook ads and spying rival ads.

Facebook ad preview tutorial

Use tool: Klickwunder

Klickwunder provides 6 preview modes, including Website Clicks, Mobile App Install, Desktop App Install, Video Post, Status Post and Photo Post. You can choose according to the place where your advertisement needs to be placed. No matter which mode you choose, you can choose the placement of the advertisement below, including Newsfeed, Right-Hand and Mobile.

Facebook ad preview

When you choose the place where the ad is placed, you can fill in the ad content. Next, you need to upload the logo, description and pictures of the advertisement. Of course, you can also select the post reaction and modify the number of comments, likes, and shares of the post to view the preview effect. I uploaded the ADCostly logo, description and pictures, and selected 3999 responses, 2000 page sharings, and 500 comments. You can see the preview effect on the right.

Facebook ad preview

When you are satisfied with the preview effect of the ad you created, you can go to the Facebook ad manager to set up the ad placement. Don’t ignore the preview step, which will effectively reduce the error rate of the ad.

Spy on competition tutorial

Use tool: AdLibrary Helper

AdLibrary Helper is a Facebook advertising library tool, it contains all the products placed on Facebook ads, so if you know your competitors, you only need to search for the competitor’s page name here, you can spy on them Advertisements (not only the content of the ads, but the number of ads, likes, and data changes will be displayed).

If you are building a sports product, then GymShark may be your competitor, so let’s check out GymShark’s advertising data. Search for GymShark in the search bar of AdLibrary Helper, we can find the page of GymShark. We can see that 313 ads have been placed recently and 1,792,525 likes have been received. The following is the recent advertisement of GymShark, the time is August 26, that is yesterday. The statistics of AdLibrary Helper are still very fast.

When we click on the first ad, we can see the entire content of the ad, as well as the ID of the ad and the start time. The following advertising content can provide some inspiration for our copywriting creation. For example, we can use emoji and so on in advertising. For more copywriting content, you can refer to: Ad Copy | How To Write Excellent Copywriting In Three Steps

We can collect the ads we like. After a week, AdLibrary Helper will automatically compare the data so that we can understand the effectiveness of competitors’ ads. This is the advertisement I collected before, and we can see the detailed data changes. If you need more market intelligence on sports, you can watch the following video for a more detailed tutorial.


Advertisement preview and spy competitor advertisements are indispensable in our advertising planning process. The tutorial described above hopes to save you time in the advertising creation process. If you want to know more tips, you can pay attention to MyAdLibrary, here are marketing tips that you are worth seeing every week.