Facebook Ad Checker | FB 20% Rule, Low Cost, More Audience!

What is Facebook ad 20% rule?

There has always been a potential principle in Facebook advertising, that is, the 8-2 rule, or the 20% rule.

Facebook reviews ads placed on its platforms (ie Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network) to measure the amount of text used in each ad picture. According to the law, it ’s found that an image composed of less than 20% of the text is better than an image with thick text, so ads with a large amount of image text may be shown to a smaller audience or not shown at all.

According to the content of the 20% rule, we can clearly know that the proportion of image text will directly affect the performance of advertising! Therefore, the possible reason for the low traffic of our ads is that it violates the 20% rule. Too much or too little text in the image of the ads causes a large portion of users to be cut off at the beginning of the advertisement, which is undoubtedly cut off from the source Traffic source.

We know the content of the 20% rule, so is the authenticity of the 20% rule to be examined?

Satisfied 20% rules’ ad has 90% views higher than that unsatisfied!

There is such a gap view on whether the same type of ads meets the 20% rule page! After checking 200+ Facebook ads, we found that the vast majority of ad page views that meet the 20% rule are generally higher than the same ads that do not meet the 20% rule. Maybe you will suspect our ad materials. For the source of the ad list, we all know Facebook Adlibrary, which is an official ad library system that contains all ads placed on Facebook, but this tool has no comparison function. , We can only view the data of a single ad, which undoubtedly causes a lot of trouble for us to compare the data.

Due to this defect in Facebook Adlibrary, the “AdLibrary Helper” plugin has been created. AdLibrary Helper is a Facebook ad query tool that uses the same Facebook database to ensure data accuracy and adds data comparison capabilities. So we use this tool to search a batch of ads, look at the audience of the ads, and the percentage of images and text to verify whether the 20% rule is really effective.

The first ad search keyword: Audience Network, we can view all the advertising content related to this keyword through search, the list is displayed as follows:

Let ’s compare the first ad with the second ad. The first ad contains 154388 likes, and the second ad contains 1279 likes. Let ’s continue to look at the specific ad content:

By cutting the image of the advertisement, it can be clearly seen that the text ratio of the first advertisement is less than 20%, and the amount of likes it receives is significantly higher than that of the second advertisement. The first ad has a considerable amount of data, while the second has very few page views and the data is incomplete.

The verification method here uses the above method to compare the user’s likes and page views. I will not demonstrate the following ads one by one.

These are the best in the same type of advertisements, and their text proportions must all meet the eighty-two rule, which shows that to a certain extent the image text proportions will indeed affect the user’s visits. Of course, not all of them meet this rule, and there are always individual exceptions. However, what we provide here is mass rule. The 20% rule has been confirmed, and it is indeed better for users to meet the 20% text ratio.

Self-examination of image and text ratio: Facebook ad checker

After we know the 20% rule, how do we conduct self-examination of pictures? How can I make a raster image like the one above?

Facebook ad checker is a self-checking tool for the Facebook advertising image text ratio. By uploading the image, the image can be divided into line-shaped raster images. The steps are as follows:

Click the Select File button, select the picture you want to self-upload and wait for 3 to 5 seconds before you can see our divided picture below. Click on the area with text to select it. On the right side, you can automatically detect whether the text proportion is 20%. Use it quickly!


To do market operations, you must know how to collect and analyze. The 20% rule is a rule summarized in a large number of successful advertising lists. Checking more successful ads, summing up their experience, and regularity can reduce the time to fumble forward when our ads are launched. The Adlibrary Helper may be a very good helper, get a lot of information about successful ads, and get new inspiration and ideas in time The next rule may come from your summary. Good luck in 2020!