CPC Calculator | How To Calculate CPC?

What is CPC? What is a CPC calculator? How to calculate CPC? What is the average CPC benchmark? What affects CPC data changes? This article summarizes all the information about CPC to help you better understand advertising.

CPC Formula – What is CPC?

The full name of CPC is cost per click, which refers to the cost you need to pay for per-click ads in PPC or pay-per-click campaigns.

Pay-per-click means that users browse advertisements for free, and each click on an advertisement is deducted. The CPC advertising pricing model has always been one of the mainstream models of the pc advertising platform. CPC is affected by the total cost and the number of clicks, and its calculation formula is as follows:

What is a CPC calculator?

CPC calculator is an advertising tool that does not need to do mathematical calculations on paper, and can directly provide you with the instant results of CPC of PPC campaigns.

CPC is affected by the total cost and the number of clicks. The total cost and the number of clicks need to be obtained in the CPC calculation, so that the CPC can be calculated. In addition, the three variables mentioned in the calculation formula only need to know two of them to calculate the third. It can be seen that the CPC calculator can not only calculate the CPC but also the number of clicks and the total cost.

How to use CPC calculator?

1.Go to the Google expansion store to install CPC & CPM Calculator

2.Click on CPC & CPM Calculator after installation

3.Enter any two of the total cost/clicks/CPC

4.Click calculate to query the third data

5.Click the reset button after querying

Benefits of using a CPC calculator

  • No need to memorize CPC formula, input data to get the result
  • Determine the advertising costs in different situations by changing different numbers
  • Calculator chrome extension can be opened at any time on any page

When should you use an online CPC calculator?

It is recommended to use the CPC calculator at any time during the advertising campaign. Always pay attention to the average CPC of the advertisement to create a better advertising budget.

✔ Calculate marketing expenses before advertising, compare with the advertising cost benchmark to ensure the reasonableness of the advertising budget

✔ Adjust advertising budget during advertising. The actual advertising cost needs to be adjusted at any time whether it is high or low

✔ Use CPC calculator before the festival

How to get CPC benchmarks?

CPC benchmark represents the general standard of advertising costs, and has a very large reference value for advertising.

ADCostly is a professional Facebook advertising cost benchmark tool. You can view detailed CPC costs through filters such as industry, channel, country, and date. For example, the average CPC of Facebook channels in 2020 is $0.29, which is a big improvement from last year. We can refer to this benchmark to adjust advertising costs.

More changes in CPC advertising costs can be viewed at ADCostly. The tool is free.

What affects your CPC?

There are two main factors affecting CPC, one is ranking and competition, and the other is time.

Ranking and competition

When advertising keywords, many advertisers choose the same keywords, which will lead to increased CPC costs. The larger the number of competitors, the higher the CPC price after advertising. Therefore, you must do enough research before advertising to ensure that the advertising CPC is within the controllable range.

Time factor

The price of CPC will increase before the festival. Black Friday is approaching. During the preparation period, many advertisers have put in a lot of advertisements, and the large amount of advertisements will lead to a general increase in CPC prices. When there is no festival, the cost of CPC will also be reduced.


Have you learned about CPC? Make reasonable use of CPC calculator and CPC benchmark tools to create better advertising campaigns. If you want to know about CPM, you can refer to: CPM Calculator | How To Calculate CPM?

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