CPA Calculator | How To Calculate CPA?

What is CPA? What is a CPA calculator? How to calculate CPA? What is the average CPA benchmark? What affects CPA changes? This article summarizes all the content of CPA to help you quickly get revenue from advertising.

CPA Formula – What is CPA?

The full name of CPA is Cost per Action, which refers to the cost incurred by users who complete certain actions after seeing the advertisement and clicking on it.

CPA is an advertisement priced according to the actual effect of delivery. The action cost here can be CPD (Cost Per Download) download cost, CPI (Cost Per Install) installation cost, CPS (Cost Per Sales) sales cost, etc. CPA is affected by the total cost and conversions, and its calculation formula is as follows:

What is a CPA calculator?

The CPA calculator is an advertising tool that provides you with instant CPA results of PPC campaigns. And you don’t need to do mathematical operations on paper.

The CPA calculator can save your campaign time and effort, and you can use the saved time in another high-priority area of ​​your strategy. The Google Extension CPA Calculator can provide instant, accurate and free CPA results.

How to use CPA calculator?

1.Go to the Google expansion store to install CPC & CPM Calculator

2.Click on CPC & CPM Calculator after installation

3.Enter any two of the total cost/conversions/CPA

4.Click calculate to query the third data

5.Click the reset button after querying

Benefits of using a CPA calculator

  • No need to memorize the CPA formula, input the data and get the result
  • Determine the advertising costs in different situations by changing different numbers
  • Chrome calculator extension can be opened at any time on any page

When should you use an online CPA calculator?

It is recommended to use the CPA calculator at any time of the advertising campaign. Always pay attention to the average CPA of the advertising to create a better advertising budget.

✔ Calculate marketing expenses before advertising, compare with the advertising cost benchmark to ensure the reasonableness of the advertising budget

✔ Adjust advertising budget during advertising. The actual advertising cost needs to be adjusted at any time whether it is high or low

✔ Use the CPA calculator before the festival

How to get CPA benchmarks?

The CPA benchmark represents the general standard of advertising costs and has a very large reference value for advertising.

ADCostly is a professional Facebook advertising cost benchmark tool. You can view detailed CPA costs through filters such as industry, channel, country, and date. For example, the following is the cost change data of CPA in 2020. CPA includes more angles, such as installation, adding to shopping cart, etc. Different data can be queried through filters.

More changes in CPA advertising costs can be viewed at ADCostly, and the tool is free.

What affects your CPA?

There is not a single factor that affects CPA. There are many factors that can affect the promotion of the product, such as the size of the installation package, the complexity of the operation process, and so on. Next, we will analyze the influencing factors of CPA from four perspectives.

Installation package size

Many promotion channels will first understand the size of the product installation package when choosing a product, because this will directly affect the user’s download probability. Many users will be affected by the size of the installation package and make the choice to download or refuse to download. To a certain extent, the smaller the installation package, the greater the chance of users downloading, and the better the product promotion effect will be.

The complexity of the operation process

Before taking the package of cpa products, the channel will ask for the effective definition of product data in advance. Although cpa usually refers to the download and registration of the product, but with the continuous improvement of advertisers’ requirements, many cpa products are required active retention within time and even recharge. Obviously, the more product requirements, the more complex the process when users operate, the more complex the process, and the more difficult the promotion of the promotion channel, which will also affect the final promotion effect.

Advertiser’s demand level

Many advertisers will collect the product in a certain period of time. If the promotion channel promotes the product during this period, the promotion data will usually be considerable. Because during this period of time, the advertiser will give higher product conversions. This is a good opportunity to earn revenue for promotion channels.

Product competition

For many cpa products, the number of links or installation packages that advertisers put on the market is extremely limited, so the degree of product competition is very high. The rarer the product, the better the promotion effect is. Therefore, if the channel wants to obtain a better promotion effect, it is necessary to strive for the links or installation packages of these rare products. The higher the product competition, the better the promotion effect.


Have you learned about CPA? Use the CPA calculator and ADCostly to reasonably improve your advertising costs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.