Car Ad Creation And Facebook Advertising | Tutorial For Beginners

Are you a loyal car enthusiast and are working hard on car marketing advertising? If yes, you are lucky to read this article. In this article, I will introduce the production process of car ads in detail, and there will be a detailed Facebook ad delivery process. After in-depth study of the key information in this article, you can create fast and effective ads to make your car stand out.

The Facebook advertising of car ads can be divided into two sections. The first is the advertising design stage. At this stage, we need to design the content of the car advertisement and prepare the delivery channels and other details. Then enter the second stage. At this stage, the advertisement placement configuration is carried out in the Facebook ad manager. We made these two processes into the following tutorials, each step has detailed tips.

Car Ad Production

In the production process of a car advertisement, you need to prepare a lot of details, including the publishers and placements, and you need to think about the copy and pictures of the advertisement. Of course, the budget for advertising should not be forgotten. According to the budget, you need to choose the right Facebook audience and interests. After all these contents are ready, you can actually put the ads.

Car Ad Publishers

Facebook includes four publishers, and each publisher has an advertising location to choose from. The four are Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. You should think carefully about where you want your advertisement to appear. In other words, which publisher do you think is more suitable for your advertisement.

Car Ad Placements

After choosing your publisher, you need to choose your advertising placement. This is also very important. Different placement prices and conversion effects will also vary greatly. Here are the placements of all publishers, you can choose your favorite.

ADCostly provides the cost of different placements. You can make a simple reference when choosing. This is related to the budget and you should consider it. The following are the cost changes for different placements in 2020.

Car Ad Writing

The writing of ad copy is an important factor in whether users click behavior. What you must admit is that the better the ad copy, the better the click effect. Regarding car advertising copy, you can refer to the following:

  • Provide detailed instructions-enumerate the functions and conditions of the car you provide, which will save a lot of time.
  • List your asking price-your asking price should be stated at the beginning of the ad with basic specifications. You can also add an explanation why you are asking for such a price.
  • Describe the characteristics of the car-this is the highlight of your car, you need to let the buyer see your advantages, which will become the driving force for his purchase.
  • Describe the warranty information-this is a continuous guarantee for car purchases, and users will be more satisfied with it.
  • Storytelling-you can build a wonderful story for the car, it will have more brand effect

Car Ad Keywords

When advertising on Facebook, you need to choose your interest keywords. These words represent who your ad will appear in front of. Therefore, you need to think carefully about who your audience is, and make a precise portrait of them to choose best interest. Of course, you also need to consider the number of times these words are used. Many obvious interests have already been selected by other sellers. If you still choose, it will lead to very high bidding costs, so you need to develop better interests.

Using ADCostly’s Audience function, you can view a lot of interests, and the CPC, CPM, Audience of each interest will be displayed. At the same time, there will be a detailed explanation of the visits of each interest in different countries. The following is the result of the query for car advertising.

Car Ad Budget

When it comes to the critical part, you need to consider your funds. How much do you plan to invest in your advertising every day, this is a ceiling, which can ensure that your advertising costs are within expectations. But you may not be able to achieve good exposure, you need to understand the market average CPC, CPM and CTR. This is not difficult. You can use ADCostly to easily query the average cost of different industries. For example, the following is the average cost of lifestyle in 2020.

At this time, you need to perform a calculation on your advertisement. For example, we see that the average CPC price is $0.67, and I want to achieve 100 clicks, so if I put CPC ads, I need $67.

If I choose the CPM advertising method, then I calculate $4.99 based on the price of CPM, and I want to achieve 10,000 impressions, so the cost is $49.9.

You need to determine your bidding method, and then make a reasonable calculation based on the fees provided by ADCostly. Calculator is two Google extensions, you can install them directly below.

Advertising Tutorial

First enter the Facebook ad manager, you set up your campaign. There are 14 advertising goals to choose from in the campaign, corresponding to each stage of the consumption process.

  • The leftmost column is Awareness, which is at the top of the consumption process and is used to enhance brand awareness.
  • Brand Awareness is brand awareness, which is displayed to users who are more likely to recall your advertisement and increase brand awareness;
  • Reach is the number of people covered, and show ads to as many users as possible;
  • The middle column is the purchase intention Consideration, which is in the middle of the consumption process and is used to increase customer engagement.
  • Traffic is traffic, allowing more users to visit your website;
  • Engagement is to participate in interaction, to display to users who are more likely to interact with your advertisement. The interaction includes likes, comments, reposts, etc.;
  • App Installs are application installations, which are displayed to users who are more likely to install applications;
  • Video Views are video viewing, to show users who are more likely to watch the video;
  • Lead Generation is a potential customer, collecting potential information, such as email addresses, from users who are interested in your website;
  • Messages is news interaction, allowing more users to contact you through Messenger;
  • The rightmost column is Behavior Conversion Conversion, which is at the bottom of the consumption process and brings more conversions.
  • Conversions are conversions, showing ads to users who are more likely to convert;
  • Catalogue Sales is a catalog promotion, which automatically displays website products according to the users you target;
  • Store Traffic is a shop visit to promote your online store to nearby users.

After choosing your advertising goals, you need to configure a little bit of the car advertising content you prepared before. For example, for our user portrait, we need to fill in the country, age and other information in the blanks below. Of course, these are not required, but the completeness can allow us to locate users more accurately.

After filling in the user information, we need to fill in the appropriate car interests, which is also to get more accurate user goals. Next, we need to fill in our budget completely. Here you must read it carefully to ensure that your account amount is sufficient.

Finally, we need to fill in the advertising content, select the advertising placement, and then fill in the advertising copy and CTR, remember to preview.


This is the entire process of car advertising on Facebook, including the entire process of advertising design and delivery. After the setting is over, you must set up more ad groups and start A/B testing. Use a small amount of money during the test to check the status of the ads at any time. At this time you will also need two calculators and ADCostly, because it involves money issues, you need to pay special attention. Calculate your ROI and Roas, always keep the advertising costs reasonable. Once the advertising spends too much, it needs to be closed in time. Of course, if the advertising works well, you can increase the reasonable allocation of funds.

Finally, hope that your car advertising can get the maximum ROI.