Advertisement ideas | Funny ads targeting pain points increase your ROI by 200%

Are your ad impressions low? The conversion rate of the ad is not high? There are two points you need to pay attention to: the fun and usefulness of advertising.

Funny or not is an important factor in which advertisements can continue to be watched. An advertisement has no story and no fun and only the promotion of product functions, which is difficult for customers to watch. When you embed a product in a story or a funny atmosphere, customers will have the desire to watch, and the average viewing time will gradually increase.

Of course, the advertisement is just interesting cannot achieve conversion improvement. You need to add product information in the appropriate position of the funny advertisement. Products are not simply embedded, you need to investigate user habits. The function of the product can solve the users’ problems, this is the useful advertisement that you create for the pain point. Next, 5 cases searching by AdLibrary helper to tell you what other people’s advertising ideas are.

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Wag dog food ads

Hey, look at this handsome dog. Next to him is his favorite Wag dog food. This is a nice picture, isn’t it?

This is a Facebook ad posted by Wag on June 28, mainly to show that dog food is natural. This ad did not use a lot of copywriting, but used a very friendly photo. The dog and dog food together is very harmonious. This advertisement attracted me at a glance. In addition, the package of dog food is a pair of dog paws grabbing the dog food, which is very realistic and uses the 3D effect. It is very creative. At the same time, the photo taken outdoors once again illustrate the natural characteristics of dog food.

Lucky Day app ads

Lucky Day used a video advertisement. There were 3 people in the video. They were all very funny, with exaggerated expressions. They are very happy that they are using the Lucky Day app, and they have gained happiness in the game. This advertisement is very interesting and useful. The fun is the exaggerated performance of the characters in the advertisement, and the usefulness is that the user can gain happiness by playing the game. According to a survey, many people are unhappy due to excessive pressure now, so happiness is a pain point for many people, which is very attractive.

Super Bowl dancing ad

As you know, the Super Bowl releases a large number of advertisements every year, and these advertisements are very popular. The ad on August 30, 2020 lasted a full minute, and I laughed for a full minute, which is really funny. The Super Bowl players began to dance when they stretched their bodies. This advertisement is related to the Super Bowl, and people like such entertaining athletes. Many people will share this content when they see it. It is not just an advertisement, but also brings people happiness.

GymShark dynamic ads

If you like sports, then you must be interested in music with a very strong rhythm. Music and dynamic fitness seem to be born together. We like to listen to rhythmic music on spinning bikes, and we also like to listen to music for walking. GymShark took advantage of this habit of people to create this ad. It did not have pictures and other content, but made this ad using text, colorful background and rhythmic dynamic music. We have an urge to exercise during the viewing process, which makes people full of energy. Passion is the main theme of sports. I like it very much. This is also the pain point of users.

McDonald’s coupon ads

This is a McDonald’s advertisement. You might say that it is not interesting, but it is very targeted at user pain points. This is a coupon advertisement. It says that you can enjoy all the discounts by downloading the app. This is what 80% of people want to see. If we go to Quora to search for McDonald’s, we will find that there are many questions about how to obtain coupons, which shows that many people need such discounts. This McDonald’s advertisement can be said to truly meet the needs of users, and the conspicuous CTA makes people very impulsive to enter.


The five advertisements all have similar characteristics: interest and effectiveness. Users want to see our ads, and the ads are helpful to them, so the ROI of the ads will naturally rise. Go ahead and improve your advertising creativity, and mobilize your wisdom to create better advertisements. If the inspiration is not enough, you can go to AdLibrary helper to find more advertising ideas and look forward to your success.