AdSwiper VS AdLibrary Helper:Ad spy extension new inheritor—AdLibrary Helper

AdSwiper was forced to close in March 2020, and we regret that we have lost such an excellent advertising spy tool. In any case, we have produced a new and better advertising spy tool-Adlibrary Helper

Ad spy extension new inheritor—AdLibrary Helper

Let’s take a look at the comparison between the two.


AdSwiper collects and finds Facebook ads using a combination of extension and pages. First we need to download the AdSwiper extension, then open Facebook and our AdSwiper chrome extension. Next we need to constantly browse the page, AdSwiper will automatically collect ads.

After collecting the ads, we need to open the AdSwiper website and wait for the loading to finish, then we can see all the ads we just browsed and their expanded ads. We only need to search for our keywords in the search bar on the right, and select the appropriate filter to query the advertising content we need.

AdLibrary Helper also uses a combination of google chrome extension and pages to find ads. First install the google chrome extension of AdLibrary Helper, and then we can use it directly. The AdLibrary Helper homepage has a search bar. By searching for keywords and selecting a filter, we can find the advertising content we need.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

1. AdSwiper needs to manually turn on the advertising expansion switch, and need to browse Facebook to collect the advertisements we need, also the number of advertisements is limited. AdLibrary Helper saves this operation, we can directly use the chrome extension to spy ads directly, and it contains all the advertising information inside Facebook.

2. After AdSwiper collects the advertisements, it needs to query the advertisements on the page. AdLibrary Helper directly inquires and displays the advertisements in the google chrome extension, which is more convenient to use.

Number of ads

AdSwiper needs to collect advertisements by browsing Facebook pages within Facebook, and the number of advertisements collected depends on the length of browsing time. At the same time, AdSwiper can only be limited to Facebook ads, and is not included for other platforms.

AdLibrary Helper uses the Facebook advertising library, which contains all the advertising content including Instagram and Facebook. It is huge in number and it is updated in real time to ensure the integrity of the advertising information.

Query filter

AdSwiper has three filters, which can be filtered according to country, button type and sorting type, narrow the scope of the advertisement, and find the most suitable advertisement content.

AdLibrary Helper also designs filters, which can be filtered according to platform, time, country and advertising status. The function points are similar to AdSwiper.

Advertising and Advertising Publisher Spy

In AdSwiper , ad spy and ad publisher spy use two search boxes. When searching for advertisers, query in the advertiser’s search box. The two should not be confused.

AdLibrary Helper make ad spy and ad publisher apy in the same search box. No matter what we search, AdLibrary Helper will display all the appropriate content. The design of this point saves the time of user thinking and operation, and is an effective small optimization point.


AdSwiper has set a favorite button on the upper right of the ad content queried on the page. Customers can collect the advertisements that interest them. The next time they need to view the advertisement, they only need to open the collection to quickly find it.

AdLibrary Helper also includes a collection function, the method of use is the same as AdSwiper, you only need to light up the ☆ in the upper right corner of your favorite advertisement, and you can enter the favorites.

Data change analysis

AdSwiper does not analyze the changes in the likes and traffic of ads. It also does not provide change trends internally.

AdLibrary Helper analyzes the change of advertising data on the collected ads. It can tell us that the changes in the number of likes and traffic of our favorite ads within one week and one month. These data change trends can better provide us with advertising ideas. Just like stocks, we can grasp the best opportunity and produce similar advertisements, then we can win the biggest opportunity to make money.

Hot ads

AdSwiper can view the currently popular “hot ads” (according to likes, video views, comments, etc.). This design model allows us to find advertising inspiration and at the same time better understand user preferences and needs. .

AdLibrary Helper provides nearly 10 hot search terms and it changes in real time on the homepage. They are very obvious below the search box. Hot ads search can help us quickly find and find advertising inspiration. This design method has the same effect as AdSwiper.


AdSwiper has two payment methods, free or $247/year, the free version provides limited advertising content, the paid version can provide more useful ads.

AdLibrary Helper is free to use, and you can find ads on all Facebook channels including Facebook without spending a penny.


The comparison and analysis of AdLibrary Helper and AdSwiper is probably like this. Next, a table is listed for you to sort out the functions of the two.

  AdSwiper AdLibrary Helper
Chrome extension operation
Page operation
Ad source  facebook facebook 、Instagram、Audience Network、Messenger
Ad spy
Advertiser spy
Data change analysis
Hot ads display
Ad Likes, Visits
Pricing Free or $247/year Free
Others Need to use the extension with the page. The extension can be viewed directly

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AdSwiper was forced to close and made a group of AdSwiper loyal users overwhelmed. We also regret this, but AdLibrary Helper can bring new hope to confused users. AdLibrary Helper is no worse than AdSwiper in use. It can even be said that the function is more complete. If you still don’t find a new ad spy tool, you may wish to try AdLibrary Helper.