Ad Copy | How To Write Excellent Copywriting In Three Steps

There are many factors influencing the views of an ad. The proportion of ad copy is very large. We can always see some excellent copy that attracts a large number of user groups, such as the iPhone 6s slogan: The only thing that’s changed is everything. You will have a refreshing feeling, so how can you make the same excellent advertising copy?

1.Copywriting steps

  • STEP 1. Before you write, think about who you write to. That is to determine the target user, observe the characteristics and interests of the user, you can raise a level for your copywriting.
  • STEP 2. Eye-catching copy titles, we all know that the title is the first thing the reader sees. A good title can directly determine whether the user enters your ad for viewing. A good title can quickly increase the click rate of the ad.
  • STEP 3. Why do consumers want to see this? This part is mainly from the perspective of consumers, considers the users personally, considers the user’s pain, and presents the solution of the pain in the advertisement. How to solve the problem is what users want to see the content.
  • STEP 4. How to make consumers act? Here refers to the advantages of advertising products, what can be brought to users by using advertising products, users can choose to use or not according to functional characteristics, if the function point can just meet their requirements Will be used naturally.
  • STEP 5. Check the accuracy of the copy. After the copy is written, you need to make an improvement to see if the copy is in compliance with the specifications and the actual situation. If possible, you can perform the AB test of the copy.

2.Copywriting skills

  • Digital: When writing copywriting, we must be good at using digital methods to describe, for example Baidu Takeaway’s advertising copywriting: Life is more than 76,000 meals. 76000 quantifies the matter of eating, which gives people a very bright feeling. It turned out that I only have 76,000 meals in my life. According to the Adlibrary Helper advertisement data,  we can see the advertisement of Baidu Takeaway, and the browsing traffic is almost 16000000.
  • Negative conventions or paradoxes: rationalizing irrational things is what people hope for, and making reasonable things unusual in one way can also get people’s attention. For example, this advertisement of 3M has turned unpleasant words into pleasant sentences through the way of smearing, which makes people shine, this advertisement has brought a lot of users to 3M. You Look Fat –> You look fit.
  • Celebrity effect: The celebrity effect is very common in our lives. The name of a celebrity is a very large traffic word. So we can use this as a drainage direction. For example, this advertisement from twitter, Andrea Leadsom is trending on Twitter, see what people are saying. Get the latest news, reaction, and commentary in real-time. It gets a lot of traffic by referring to Andrea Leadsom, people care about Andrea Leadsom, Then naturally, they will go to twitter to see the dynamic content of Andrea Leadsom. Through AdLibrary Helper we can see that this ad has reached 5K views

3.How to get great ad copy

  • Analyze excellent ad copy cases with the AdLibrary Helper for inspiration

As a very good advertising carrier at present, many advertisements have begun to spread on Facebook, and all these advertisements are in the Facebook ad library, so we can use them reasonably. Good copywriting must require the accumulation of a large number of advertising cases, so what we need to do is to read more and summarize. You can use the AdLibrary Helperto view the list of Facebook ads. You can see this ad based on the number of users and the number of likes Popularity, popular advertising copy will not be bad, learning and accumulation are what we need.

AdLibrary Helper’s process of querying ads is very simple. We only need to enter the keywords of the ads we search for in the search box, and it can display all the ads related to the keywords. It is very convenient for us to choose the best one.

  • Get Top Copywriting Cases with Topys.

Of course, we can also check out some excellent inspiration libraries, such as Topys., Which contain a lot of designer’s copywriting ideas, and may give a clear and cheerful idea. But in the end we need to get more involved in excellent advertising copywriting, and continue to learn and imitate to make the same excellent copywriting.

  • Professional copywriting team

In fact, writers have become a profession in our lives. Professional writers’ articles are relatively expensive, but the articles written can indeed be answered. For example, this tool is gseosem. The website is responsible for the design and planning of professional copywriting. It has a lot of influence. The general fee situation ranges from 7 to 15 euros. If necessary, you can contact me.


Copywriting ability can be obtained through a long period of practice and accumulation. Skills do require us to study hard, but we need to create by ourselves after all. The creative ideas and inspiration still come from life and from existing ads We learn from successful advertising experience, analyze the reasons and connotations of successful advertising, and I believe you can write the same excellent copywriting. So when we have time, we will immerse ourselves in the AdLibrary Helper and watch the ads, and you will gain something.