9 Best marketing resume skills you should konw [With Examples]

What marketing skills are there to convince people at first sight? Nine marketing methods are good enough to be included in a resume. Come and see how much you know about these marketing skills!

marketing resume skills

Creative thinking

Creativity is the driving force for a company to move forward. The first consideration for company recruiters is whether this person is creative. Only creative people can bring greater surprises to the company. The ability to think creatively is also one of the most important skills for marketing professionals. Creative thinking enables you to develop unique marketing ideas that will bring positive results to customers. Creation is the primary productive force, and a reasonable creative idea can lead a new era of thinking.


  • Iphone is ingenious in the development of every new mobile phone.
  • The emergence of the “PUBG Mobile” game broke the common pattern of conventional gunfight games.
  • The live broadcast mode that has spread throughout the Internet leads the latest economic trend.

Competitive product research

Competitors must be your best way to grow quickly. Competitors have already created a mature marketing model and have made a lot of money in this marketing model. What we need to do is to examine the secret of its success. By investigating 3~5 competitors’ products, we can summarize the general rules, which will reduce our trial and error rate.


To create a new sports brand, how should we formulate a marketing plan to quickly rank among GymShark, Nike and other products? Undoubtedly, we have to learn from their business model, examine the difficulties they encountered and how to solve them.

GymShark was founded in 2012, when the founder Ben was only 19 years old, but he used 7 years to create a million-dollar sports brand. When he was short of funds, he created the GymShark model and successfully created one after another excellent clothes, which were loved by customers. The reason for this success is that GymShark focused on user pain points and solved the problem of improper expensive and unsightly clothes for athletes at the time. This is the early days of GymShark. Now that the brand is successfully built, GymShark has adopted a more direct and effective way-Facebook advertising.

Using the AdLibrary Helper tool, you can quickly find Facebook ads placed by GymShark. GymShark placed a total of 231 ads on Facebook, with a total of 1.8M likes. At the same time, it is observed that GymShark’s advertisements often have expressions and beautiful pictures. Of course, the link to the domain name cannot be forgotten, which is an indispensable tool for us to achieve conversion. From GymShark’s ads, we can probably sum up five advertising experiences:

  1. Use emoji in advertising to close user relationships
  2. Use photos and videos that people are interested in in ads
  3. Set up excellent CTA copywriting (check the conversion rate of CTA copywriting)
  4. Use some psychological skills
  5. Keep details transparent in the ad copy

Social media promotion ability

Social media marketing is the best way to retain customers. Describe in your resume that your social media account has millions of followers, which will be a very bright spot. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have such a successful social media account. You can master the following social media marketing skills. This is the first step to your success.

  1. Pay attention to user pain points, media content must be the user’s concern (such as weight loss, real estate)
  2. Interact with users (such as polls, coupon activities)
  3. Organize online challenge activities (such as TikTok’s mirror cleaning and dressing challenge)
  4. Frequent content updates (4 content a day)

Data analysis capabilities

Marketers need to be sensitive to data. As long as the indicators are related to marketing, marketers must understand and analyze the data.


The data indicators of the Facebook advertising industry include CPC, CPM, CTR, and CPA.

  • CPC: What you pay to get a click on your ad
  • CPA: Cost to obtain a conversion
  • CPM: The cost of showing your ad 1000 times
  • CTR: Percentage of clicks per impression

Using ADCostly, you can check the cost benchmarks of the advertising industry. Since 2020, the CPC for Facebook advertising has remained stable, with costs ranging from $0.1 to $0.22. However, CPM has been in an upward phase until June, and a downward trend began to appear after June. CTR has been on the rise in mid-2020. Therefore, it can be seen that in 2020, without changing the CPC cost, the click-through rate of advertisements is getting higher and higher, so there will be good clicks for advertising at this time.

Report making

After the data analysis is completed, the ability to make reports is naturally indispensable. An excellent report can allow leaders to quickly understand the current product status, and at the same time, it will be very helpful for their own product optimization.


Common report creation tools include: Excel, AdsReport..

Excel is the most basic report creation tool. With a large amount of data, we can create a large number of statistical graphs. But we need a lot of statistics, which are not easy for us to obtain.

AdsReport is a PPC product, directly linked to the Facebook account, AdsReport will automatically generate a suitable dashboard from the data. Of course, there are many indicators to choose from. Third-party drawing tools will make report production very easy, so try it.

Tool using

There are many tools that can help us operate quickly. However, the ability to use tools is very important. Many people will not operate at all when they get new tools, and the learning process will waste a lot of time. Just like a report maker, if you can learn to use it quickly, your work speed will be greatly improved. Describe in your resume that you can use various types of tools, which will greatly enhance the company’s goodwill towards you, which also shows your excellent learning ability.

Example: Use Facebook Pixel tool

  • Determine the trend of visitors to the company’s website and tailor marketing campaigns to focus on demographics of great interest.
  • Optimize corporate sites to increase page dwell time by analyzing data reports on page performance.
  • The created analysis report highlights the most important information from marketing research to providing customers.

Mobile advertising

The percentage of online activity on mobile phones is increasing year by year, and there is no sign that this trend will weaken in the next few years. Mobile marketing is now one of the most important forms of advertising, it allows you to find the most likely customers. Social media advertising campaigns are the most common, but responsive advertising sites are also important. To


  • Use engaging video ads on Facebook to encourage scrolling and attract users. Link the video to the login page to generate real-time leads.
  • Launched a post-sponsorship advertising campaign using industry influencers to call attention to new products before launch.

Layout and design

For still image advertising campaigns, the ability to create a functional layout to highlight the product without overwhelming the audience is an essential skill. The ability to provide sketches or outlines for creative companies may be sufficient to meet the needs of some companies, while others prefer marketing experts who are familiar with layouts and art direction plans and can execute their own marketing suggestions.

Layout and design


  • Cooperate with a professional marketing team to create a print campaign to highlight products with dynamic settings.
  • Use Adobe Suite to arrange elements in a beautiful way to develop tones for customers with complete graphics, so that you can focus on the most important image or copy.
  • The company’s website layout was redesigned to follow a unified brand on all platforms.

Communication ability

When interacting with customers, marketers must have strong interpersonal skills. For example, when there is a divergence between the creative direction and the customer’s preferences, interpersonal skills can be used to determine whether the customer confirms their preference or whether there is room to provide a reason for the marketer’s preferred action.

Strong interpersonal skills can also improve marketing professionals’ ability to persuade others to conduct campaigns or projects during the planning stage. Interpersonal skills can also bring customers closer to you.


  • Introduce marketing campaigns to customers and receive feedback. Provide decision instructions when needed, combined with requested changes.
  • By establishing personal bonds with employees and recognizing signs of impending burnout or continued frustration, mistakes can be avoided and the marketing team’s positive morale can be maintained.
  • Establish working relationships with customers through entertaining business meetings to increase loyalty and maintain working relationships.


A successful resume will make it very easy for you to find a job, but it does not mean that you must have the nine abilities mentioned above. Fake resumes will make your interview more difficult. What you need to do is to be familiar with all the above content and learn every ability so that you can present such an excellent resume to your interviewer. I hope you succeed in the interview.