Weight Loss Adverts | 4 Instagram ads examples to make the best weight loss ads

Are you making weight loss ads? Do you have enough advertising creativity? Weight loss advertisements can be produced from four aspects: healthy diet to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, weight loss courses and weight loss equipment. If you are one of the advertisers, then you need to conduct in-depth research on unilateral content. If you include all weight loss items, then you need to go deep into each type of advertising. AdLibrary Helper summarizes 4 types of Instagram advertising examples to help you create better ads.

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Healthy diet weight loss ads

Healthy diet has always been a reasonable way to lose weight, and healthy diet needs everyone to pay attention to it. The advertisement released by Weight Loss Surgery Institute vividly reflects the fundamentals of diet to lose weight. Healthy diet is rejecting junk food. This girl is really good at kicking junk food away. I like the picture of this advertisement very much. Through such advertising content, customers are attracted to enter their website, thereby realizing the behavior of buying weight loss packages.

Sports weight loss ads

It is indeed a very good idea to lose weight through exercise. Regular exercise can enhance our immunity. Therefore, the advertisement of sports weight loss provides an advertising direction for sports products. GymShark’s clothes have repeatedly used fitness and weight loss as advertising ideas, and companies that sell sports equipment can also use weight loss as the theme. If you are a fitness coach, you can also focus on weight loss, so your audience will increase a lot.

Weight loss course ads

The advertisements of the weight loss course type always have such a characteristic: use the highlights or effects of the weight loss course to design the advertisement. For example, RockFord’s advertisement is to attract people’s attention through this kind of copy: Come and see how we can achieve their weight loss goals for 500 people. This is very attractive. How many of 500 people can reach their weight loss goals? What kind of weight loss program are they? Can I also achieve weight loss through this exercise? I have to say that RockFord’s advertisements completely attracted me and guided their weight loss courses. If you are also selling weight-loss courses, you may wish to imitate and try it. You can start with the weight-loss effect.

Weight loss equipment ads

Do you know face-lifting device? Have you heard of weight loss massager? These are weight loss devices, and they also need to be promoted by weight loss advertisements. The advertising audience of the weight loss device is mainly women who love beauty and men with obesity. They do not like to exercise and hope to achieve weight loss through external devices. Such advertisements often need to address the pain points of users. For example, the audience faced by the face-lifting device is people who are dissatisfied with their facial shape or have more fat on their faces. A case study is used to show how the face-lifting device can thin the face. Users still like tools that can quickly see the effect.


The types of weight loss advertisements can be divided into the above four types. If you lack inspiration when creating advertisements, you may wish to think from other aspects, imitate excellent advertisement content, and update advertisement creativity. More weight loss type advertisements can be viewed in AdLibrary Helper.